• Pita Gourmet is the next healthy lifestyle sandwich choice. Fresh, authentic ingredients wrapped in delicious pita bread, which is low in carbohydrates and fat.
    The majority of our food is grilled, baked or sauteed in healthy olive oil. Pita Gourmet offers you a wide variety of authentic Lebanese dishes.

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How to find us

Pita Gourmet is located in the hearth of London.
Come and visit us at 34 Berners Street - WIT 3LT, London

Info and booking
E - info@pitagourmet.co.uk
T - 0207 637 2635


Our clients say

September 19, 2011

Excellent cafe - food portions big and prices small. With the 50% off deal it was amazing. The fact you can bring your own wine makes it a brilliant place. Very friendly staff.

September 18 , 2011

The staff couldn't have been more lovely and the food was excellent, the baba ganoush was just so smoky and delicious.